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Welcome to the website of Huntsville Fencing Company. Our company has been serving the needs of Huntsville, AL for years. Services included are fencing of all types, guard rail, entry-exit systems, turnstiles, and specialty enclosures. We work at power plants, schools, new building construction projects, water and waste treatment plants, associated type projects and residential homes.

Our team of drug free, safety conscious employees bring you quality workmanship. We’re a leader in the commercial and residential fencing company in Huntsville, AL. Our vision for the future is to continue providing professional service for each and every client. We are currently located in Huntsville, AL.

As the premier Huntsville Fencing Company, we are a family owned and operated fence installation company that has served the Madison area for many years. We over a variety of professional fence installation services to residential and commercial properties and have the experience and tools needed to quickly and efficiently complete your next fencing project. Whether you’re looking to install a custom iron gate or spaced picket fence around your home, or need a temporary rental fence for your business, our fence specialists can help!

Residential Fence Installation Experts in Huntsville, AL

Huntsville Fencing Company has professionally installed thousands of residential fences throughout the Madison area. As a leader in residential fencing, we have more than 20 years of experience managing residential fencing projects and use only the highest quality fencing materials for each customer. Our deck design specialists in Huntsville (and the surrounding area) have ample experience working with local municipality on building permits, and can help you navigate the installation process seamlessly. From custom gate installations to wood picket fences, we can install several types of residential fencing, including:
  • Ornamental Steel Fencing
  • Spaced Picket Fencing
  • Wood Privacy Fencing
  • Shadowbox Style Fencing
  • Cap & Trim Fencing
  • Trex Composite Fencing
  • Vinyl Picket Fencing
  • Chain Link Fencing
  • Automatic Gate Openers
  • Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fencing
  • Country Fencing

Commercial Fence Design Professionals in Huntsville, AL

Huntsville, AL Fencing is proud to provide commercial fence design and installation services to businesses in Huntsville and throughout the area. When you work with our commercial fence installation specialists, we’ll work with you one on one to gain a thorough understanding of your business’ unique fencing needs, and offer effective fence solutions for your property. Whether you’re looking to install a custom chain link fence around your business, or need a temporary rental fence for construction, we can help! 

Different Types of Decks We Build in Huntsville

Ground Level Deck – A popular choice in Huntsville, Ground Level Decks are typically less than twelve inches above the ground. A small frame will be built to allow for insulation and to prevent rotting in the wood from moisture. Ground Level Decks usually start from the back door and stretch out to the desired length!

Raised Deck – A Raised Deck, also known as a Balcony Deck, comes out of a second story. The height of the Deck is defined by the structure of your home! Raised Decks are supported by post anchored into the ground below. The outside stairway from the Deck will mimic your indoor stairway’s height.

Low Attached Deck – Low Attached Decks are similar to Ground Level Decks. They are low to the ground, but don’t necessarily have to be on the ground. A frame will be built to your desired height and attached to the home. The Deck will meet the threshold of the Back Door.

Hillside Deck – Though not quite as common in Huntsville, hillside Deck is a strategically placed Deck designed to accommodate for a sloped back yard. Just because you have a hilly backyard, doesn’t mean you have to forfeit your Deck Dreams!

Split Level Deck – Huntsville split level decks can give an illusion of more space. Whether it be two stories, or simply different levels on the ground. Two separate frames will have to be built to make this dream a reality. But it can be your reality!

Gazebo Deck – Gazebo Decks center around a Gazebo. Whether that Gazebo is in the center and a deck built around it, or the Gazebo is built and a Deck juts out from it, Gazebo Decks can be a fine addition to your back yard oasis.

Wraparound Deck – A Wraparound Deck can extend around your house in any direction and for any length so desired! Extending just around one corner or around the entire home, a Wraparound Deck is the perfect outdoor entertaining space!

Pool/Hot Tub Deck – In the beautiful Huntsville weather, a Pool or Hot Tub is almost a must. And a Deck can take your outdoor activity area to the next level! A Deck can also add some convenience whenever entering or exiting your Pool or Hot Tub! Going all the way around or just covering enough are to help you safely use your Swimming Equipment!

Free Standing Decks – Free Standing Decks are built in an open area and are sturdy enough to not need any sort of attachment. If you have a Large Backyard, Free Standing Decks might be a perfect solution for unused space. Free Standing Decks are perfect for an outdoor kitchen area! Or if you just need an entertaining space far enough away from the house that won’t disrupt any non-participants, maybe a Free Standing Deck is the perfect solution.

Huntsville is located between the Tennessee River and the Tennessee border. Nicknamed “Rocket City,” the history of Huntsville is intertwined with America’s space program. John Hunt lived in a cabin beside a spring there in 1805. LeRoy Pope, a man of considerable wealth, followed soon afterwards, made large purchases of land, and changed the community’s name from Hunt’s Spring to Twickenham, the name of the London estate of the poet Alexander Pope.

Local residents rejected the change and renamed it Huntsville. Huntsville became the first incorporated town in the state in 1811. Pope donated land for the first courthouse, which was built in 1816. In 1819, the leaders of the Alabama Territory gathered to appeal to the U.S. Congress to grant statehood. The 1819 constitution was written in Huntsville between July 5 and August 2. Huntsville was the state’s capital at the time it was admitted to the Union. In 1820, the capital moved to Cahawba in the first of several transitions that led eventually to Montgomery in 1846. In the years before the Civil War, Huntsville was an important cotton trading center. The Memphis & Charleston Railroad was built through Huntsville in 1855. On April 11, 1862, Union troops, guided by General Mitchell, captured Huntsville to cut the Confederacy’s railroad communications.

Until 1940, Huntsville was a small city with a population of 13,150. The situation changed at the beginning of World War II, when it was chosen as the site of several military manufacturing plants. Redstone Arsenal, a center for U.S. rocket research and development, was established here in 1941. Wernher von Braun, a German rocket scientist, arrived in 1950, and led development of the Redstone, Jupiter and Pershing missiles. Prior to getting the name “Rocket City,” Huntsville was known as the Watercress Capital of the World, because watercress was harvested in such abundance in the area.