Monte Sano State Park

Living in a mountaintop campground just east of Huntsville with over 2000 acres of land to explore, with bike trails, hiking trails and a disc golf course, there’s something sure to please everyone at Monte Sano State Park.  There was only a few things missing,  we didn’t pack bikes,  didn’t know how to play disc golf, and actually arrived in Huntsville just in time for the rainy season. We learned quickly that we needed to take advantage of the breaks between rain showers, and enjoy the scenic views from the trails.  We found several surprises tucked away in the woods of Monte Sano.

Though Monte Sano doesn’t offer educational Ranger programs, they do sell a guidebook for teachers in the Campground Office that will lead you on a self guided tour of the outdoor classroom.  This was certainly a surprise.  Having visited Monte Sano many times, we’d never noticed the outdoor classroom.  The classroom is found easily off the Fire Tower Trail near O-Shaugnessy’s Lily Lake.  There are 18 stops on the tour and along the way, you’ll learn about canopy trees, shrubs & brush and see a butterfly garden.  You’ll also see Flirtation Path and a tree that was struck by lightening.

Monte Sano has an intriguing history.  One romantic legend tells how Monte Sano got it’s name.  A young man, Monte, the son of a pioneer settler fell in love with a beautiful, young Indian maiden, the daughter of the Chief.  The couple would  meet often and secretly and make plans to marry at Inspiration Point.  One night, Monte told his lover that the marriage they had been planning could never be. Not only did his father object to the union, but so did the chief.  Sadly, the maiden cried “Oh, Monte, say ‘No’, and not able to bear the thought of living apart, they both jumped to their deaths from Inspiration Point so they could be reunited in the ‘happy hunting grounds’.   I’ll never mispronounce Monte SAY-no again.